Silver Dacromet Coating Nano Alloy Coating High Corrosion Resistance JH-9088



1 Product Information


According to the galvanized coating have poor corrosion resistance and defect of acid and alkali
resistant,our companyI developed JH-9088 high corrosion nano alloy coatings.It can improve the
corrosion performance of the coating,make the salt spray time increased to more than 1000 hours,
but also increase the hardness, acid and alkali-resistant on the coating surface, and the surface color
can be diversified.​


2 Composition/ information on ingredients


The basic materials of this product is nano-alloy powder, toughening agents, film formers, organic
solvents and color paste, adding other additives mixed.​


3 Performance Characteristics


This product can be use by dipping and spraying ways to treat on galvanized parts, parts surface treated uniformly, no blind spots. The treated parts,anti-corrosion ablity is ten times exceed galvanized workpieces, salt spray time increased to more than 1000 hours. And have excellent heat-resistant and antiacid, anti-alkali,anti-salt and other properties, its smooth surface, high hardness, anti-scratch, color can meet the needs of the deployment.


4 Market Application


This product is suitable for long-term corrosion protection for outdoor galvanized parts. Such as railway fasteners, bridges, buildings, power communications fasteners, etc.


5 Packing, Storage, Transportation


Packing:Steel drum,Net weight:20kg/drum(can also according to customer's requirement).
Storage:Tightly closed,below 40℃,keep in indoor places, without direct sunlight.
Transportation:Should prevent rain, sun exposure, and shall comply with the relevant provisions of the transport sector.
Coating Process
Coating process:


Process flow
Galvanized parts dipping Spraying Pre-curing,Curing Inspection & Packing


Process parameters
Dipping: Room temperature,density:30-45s.
Centrifuge dripping: 210-270/min,30-60s
Spraying: Room temperature,density:25-35s.


Curing Condition
Pre-curing:Temperature:80-150℃,10-15min,choose whether pre-curing depend on the thickness of the workpiece.
Curing:Temperature:200-220℃,20-30min, box-type furnace or channel devices both ok.


This product can use spraying and dipping ways for coating;
Fully stirring before use, should use special diluent to adjust viscosity;
Add centrifugal procedure for dipping process;
Cleaning appliance, use alcohol or ether organic solvents.
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Kilograms
Packaging Details: 20kg/ Metal Barrel
Delivery Time: Ten days after receipt of advance payment
Supply Ability: 2 Tons per Day



Color: Silver
Density: 0.9-1.2g/ml
Diluent: Use Diluent Djust To The Coating Viscosity JH-9088B Diluent
Viscosity: 25-45s