Junhe planetary coating machine DSP T500

Junhe patented planetary coating machine, planetary centrifugal type, automatic control, process under complete control.


Equipment main body:
1. Weighing loading system.
2. Dip-spin coating system.
3. Conveyor distributor.
4. Operation control system.


1. Suitable for all kinds of paints including Zinc Aluminum flake microlayer corrosion coating, top coat, sealing agent, Teflon, etc.


2. Intelligent weighing for 2 times, reduce deviation, ensure full-time dynamic balance, full automatic loading.


3. Basket planetary distribution, combines revolution with autorotation, reversing to make the workpiece position interchangeable, remove the workpiece remained fluid effectively, get the high qualification rate.


4. Intelligent feeding system, connection for each basket, workpieces evenly spread, to avoid accumulation.


5. One-button intelligent start, transmission speed in frequency conversion and adjustable, high degree of automation, reduce production cost, fully controlled , timely test and feedback, to meet customer's curing process requirements.


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Packaging Details: 20 GP
Delivery Time: Three months after receipt of advance payment
Supply Ability: 1 Set per Month
Color: Red & Gray
Max Load Of Basket: 50kg
Max Spinning Speed: 5-300r/min
Shortest Production Rate: 120s
Max Capacity: 1800kg/h
Shortest cycle: 2 mins
Max. capacity: 1.8 tons/hour