Junhe automobile brake disc induction heating spray line

Suitable for brake disc special water, oil-base Zn-Al corrosion protection coating and metal zinc-rich paint.


Equipment main body:
Automatic feeding and unloading system, spraying and conveying system, automatic identification system, air blow system, dry type spraying booth, spray painting robot, paint supply system, curing heating system, preheating system, temperature detection after induction heating, air cleaning system, force cooling chamber, fixture cleaning equipment, complete machine cleaning isolation room, electric control system.


1. Automatically identify its model, intelligent adjustment of transmission, spraying and heating system.
2. Uniformly spraying and meet the coating standard of TL 193A, TL214, TL260, GB/T 26110-2010.
3. Induction heating, high conversion rate, low carbon environmental protection and energy saving 15%.
4. Servo platform control, precisely control of heating process which make the surface temperature of the disc uniform.
5. Integrated design of equipment and compact structure, save floor space 40%-60%.
6. Equipped with RFID system to collect and store data
7. Use the advanced integrated control systems and intelligent operating system, equipped with communication and transportation interface, which allow seamless connection of supporting equipment and unmanned workshop.


Technical data
Technical data:


Shortest production rate7.5S
Max workpiece weight15kg
Max temperature control accuracy±10
Max spray accuracy(thickness)±2µm
Cooling performance(comparison with room temperature)≤10
Equipment size10*20*5.8M
Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:
Delivery Time:
Supply Ability:
Shortest production rate: 7.5 s
Max workpiece weight: 15 kg
Max temperature control accuracy: ±10 ℃
Max spray accuracy(thickness): ±2 µm
Equipment size: 10*20*5.8  M