Full Automatic Dip Spin Coating machine DST S800N

1.Junhe Full Automatic Dip Spin Coating machine. Patented product, Intelligent coating. High efficiency and energy saving,
2.Automatic loading. Centrifuged vertically or horizontally. Whole process real-time monitoring. Remote Operation.
3.Suitable for all kinds of paints including Zinc Aluminum flake microlayer corrosion coating, top coat, sealing agent, Teflon, etc.
4.Suitable to coat all kinds of fasteners, small workpiece, small stamping parts and workpieces with blind hole.
5.Intelligent weighing lifting loading machine, automatic loading according to customer’s requirement.
6. Various of baskets for choice
Customer sets centrifugal parameters as required, low speed homogenization, high speed centrifugation, tilt turning, forward and reverse centrifugation at high speed, homogeneous coating, no blind area, no liquid accumulation, real-time monitoring
7. Intelligent movable feeding machine, the workpiece evenly spread, each basket of workpiece seamless connection, high efficient, intelligent.
8. Temperature parameters can be set as required, transmission speed in frequency conversion and adjustable, high degree of automation, fully controlled ,timely test and feedback, to meet customer's curing process requirements.
9. Automatic unloading, high production efficiency, low labor cost.
10. Integrated control system, intelligent operating system, form intelligent connection between upper and lower level equipment with Internet communication port.
Remote online monitoring, fault diagnosis, process adjustment.