Full Automatic Dip Spin Coating Machine DST S800+



DST S800+ Suitable for any kinds of zinc flake paints and related top coat, seal, teflon coating.


Coating Equipment main body:
Isolating room, coating machine, weighing loading system, distributing system, control system.


1. Tiltable designed to ensure uniform coating of paint, no dead angle, no effusion.
2. More intelligent, high pass rate of production.
3. Can realize remote monitoring, it is convenient and safe to use.
4. CE certificate.


Technical data
Technical data:


Centrifugal speed0~350r/min
Max tilting angle75°
Max load of basket150kg
Shortest production rate160s
Max capacity3300kg/h
Suitable workpiece weight≤600g
Suitable workpiece length≤25cm
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Packaging Details: 20 OT
Delivery Time: Three months after receipt of advance payment
Supply Ability: 1 Set per Month
Max Load Of Basket: 150kg
Max Spinning Speed: 350r/min
Shortest Production Rate: 160s
Max Capacity: 3300kg/h
Suitable Workpiece Weight: ≤600g
Suitable Workpiece Length: ≤25cm