Exhibition preview: Surface & coatings 2019 in Bangkok

Posted on 2019-05-15
Today's surface treatment technology is very developed, and a wide range of surface treatment technologies are widely used. Dacromet is a new type of surface treatment technology that is usually surface treated with Dacromet. What are the ingredients of Dacromet's paint?
1. Metal: It consists of zinc, aluminum and other materials, mainly superfine scaly zinc and ultrafine scaly aluminum.
2. Solvent: It is an inert organic solvent such as ethylene glycol.
3. Inorganic acid components: such as chromic acid.
4. Special organic matter: It is a thickening and dispersing component of the coating liquid, and the main component is cellulose white powder.
The above is about the display of Dacromet's coating composition. For more information about Dacromet and Dacromet, please pay attention to our news center or contact us.