Application of Dacromet in modern industry

Posted on 2019-04-29
Dacromet's technology has a series of advantages that traditional plating can't match, and it quickly pushes to the international market. After more than 20 years of continuous development and improvement, Dacromet technology has now formed a complete surface treatment system, which is widely used in the anti-corrosion treatment of metal parts.
Main features of chrome-free green coating
Thickness: 1. The thickness of the coating is 6-12 microns, and the thickness of the coating with the surface coating is 10-15 microns. 2, anaerobic brittle: coating treatment does not require pickling or plating. 3. Elimination of the threat of double metal corrosion: Lead eliminates the bimetallic corrosion of zinc-aluminum or zinc-iron that often occurs in zinc coatings. 4. Solvent resistance: The inorganic coating has excellent solvent resistance. 5, heat resistance: the coating contains a large number of metal sheets, which can be electrically conductive. 6, corrosion resistance Performance: salt spray test 240-1200 hours 8, adhesion performance: better than zinc chromium coating (Dacro coating).
Excellent environmental performance: 1, no chromium: does not contain any form of chromium (including trivalent and hexavalent) 2, does not contain toxic metals: does not contain nickel, cadmium, lead, antimony and mercury.
Chrome-free green coating anti-corrosion route
Shielding effect: 1. The scaly zinc-aluminum powder excellently organizes the penetration of corrosive media. 2, yin and yang protection: zinc as an anode sacrifice to protect the iron from corrosion. 3. Passivation: Metal oxides slow the bimetallic corrosion of zinc and iron substrates. 4, self-healing: the oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air react with zinc on the surface of the coating to form zinc oxide and zinc carbonate. Since the volume of zinc oxide and zinc carbonate is larger than the same amount of zinc, when it migrates to the damaged place, it can To the repair effect.
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